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Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral, which works as a detoxifier for heavy metals and other toxins. It was formed over millions of years when volcano ash settled on alkaline seawater. This resulted in a chemical reaction and created an extremely strong, negatively charged, cavernous compound. The unique negative charge of zeolite allows it to absorb dangerous toxins like a magnet by locking these toxins within its porous tunnels. Many refer to this as a “cage-like structure,” since once zeolite absorbs a toxin, the dangerous substance is locked within the zeolite structure and cannot be broken free. This means that zeolite safely and gentle carry out of the body any toxins it pick up as it travels through the body.

Initial detox is 2 scoops a day for 90 days.
Maintenance dosing is 1 scoop daily.

1 bucket will last you 30 days at the detox dosing and 60 days at maintenance.

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